Frequently Asked Questions

Those often asked details about Paraguay
Where is Paraguay?

Paraguay is in the center of Southern South America bordered by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia

How large is Paraguay?

Paraguay is 406,752 km2 or 157,048 square miles. Larger than either Germany or Japan


What is the population of Paraguay?

The current population of Paraguay is a little over 7.2 million

What is the capital of Paraguay?

The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion. The greater Asuncion area has a population of approximately 2.2 million 

When did Paraguay become independent?

Paraguayan independence from Spain was declared on the 14th May 1811

What climate does Paraguay have?

Paraguay has a sub tropical climate. Temperatures can pass 40 degrees in summer and there are occasional frosts in the winter. Whilst it may rain at any time the most frequent rains fall during the summer and it may remain dry for several weeks through the winter

Why are you living in Paraguay?

After leaving a job in England I originally came to Paraguay to work in a small school teaching English to children in the countryside and afterwards chose to remain in this rural landscape away from the English offices

Where in Paraguay do you live?

I live in the countryside just outside the small town of Piribebuy, about 80km from Asuncion

How long have you been in Paraguay?

I have now been in Paraguay for 20 years

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