So what is it like to live in Paraguay? That is a question that I am often asked.

The answer in the most simple of terms is very pleasant. For anyone who is easy going, flexible and keen to get to know the local way of doing things it can be very rewarding. Even more so for those wishing to be left to live their lives as they choose.

Like everywhere in the world it does have it’s problems and difficulties. Those though are greatly outweighed by the positives of living a life in Paraguay. Every country has it’s own way of doing things and learning them is all part of the relocation experience.

It would be a dull world if everything was done the same way everywhere.

Whilst getting things done can be at times a little frustrating it is worth remembering that problems affect everyone. Locals and foreigners alike. You will soon discover that if you mention them to foreigners who have been here for a while the root of the issue is often nothing more than cultural misunderstandings.

Once that is realised many of them just fade away. Either through an adjustment of thoughts and expectations or through the acceptance that some things are just they way they are and must be worked with rather than against.

A foreigner who accepts a country for what it is lives a far happier life than one who tries to bend it to his will.

So much for the required mind set. What about the practicalities of living in Paraguay?

I live in the countryside and as such my thoughts on the matter reflect a country lifestyle rather than the city one found in Asuncion other cities in Paraguay.

The country lifestyle is more traditional and for me a more rewarding way to live than that found in cities.

Life in the countryside is a more natural one, closer to nature.

Much of the Paraguayan countryside is a never ending blanket of green. Woods, forests and farmland stretching off into the distance as far as the eye can see.

Out here nature is never far away and the quiet of the day is broken only by the sounds of birds and insects, or by the running of a crystal clear stream. Traffic away from the urban centres is very light.

The closest thing to a rush hour you are going to experience is a herd of cattle being moved to pasture blocking the roads for a short while.

Those urban centres are country towns of varying sizes which are scattered all across Paraguay. Even a few miles from a town the land can feel remote and untouched. Unless you are seeking a truly remote of the grid life there is little reason to live beyond easy reach of a little country town.

All towns are equipped with the essentials. Doctors, supermarkets, hardware stores and the like. Every country town is stocked with the basic necessities required for life.

In the countryside the pace of life is much slower, more relaxed. Nothing gets done in a hurry and everyone has time for everyone else. Paraguayans are very friendly, open people and a new comer is soon made to feel part of the community.

The cost of living is also low in the countryside, from the price of properties to the expense of day to day living.

It is of course quite possible to live in the countryside and have a lifestyle that is as costly as one in the city, but to live well there is no need to do so.

Dining out in restaurants every day and constant shopping trips to seek out the best of everything run counter to the whole reason for seeking a rural country life.

This is not a place that buzzes with the vibrancy of a city but instead somewhere full of more low key charms waiting to be discovered.

A nightlife there may not be vast stretches of green countryside waiting to be explored there is.

It is also far from the tourist trails. So local customs and traditions have not been adjusted to fit in with what it is believed tourists would expect. Every festival is by the local population for the local population. Any newcomers are made more than welcome and these are some of the best places to see genuine Paraguayan culture.

As for a home you will soon discover that with a bit of searching almost anything is available. From small Paraguayan houses in either modern or traditional styles right up to large working farms and ranches. It is even quite possible to buy some land and have your own dream house built on it.

You will also find that scattered as the population looks in the countryside you will not be alone. The Paraguayans infinitely patient and helpful. Get to know your neighbours and will soon find yourself part of a community that cares as much for your well being as you care for theirs.

Then in addition to that there are immigrant communities and expat groups all over Paraguay that can provide support and the outsiders view that is sometimes needed.

Paraguay is a rewarding place to be and to live in Paraguay is relatively easy for someone with the right mindset to settle into.

If you have any questions about Paraguay or would like to know more about living here, or about the country in general don’t hesitate to contact me with your queries.

Also if you haven’t already please do take a look at my YouTube channel (also named Simons Paraguay) so that you may see as well as read about Paraguay.

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