One afternoon across Paraguay the bright blue sky fades into the gathering gloom and the sun concealed as black clouds build.

A hot and sunny land is Paraguay for most of the year but to retain it’s lush green covering rain must come and when it does it arrives with force washing all away before it for hours on end flooding streets and overflowing streams.

Some of this much needed rain will fall upon higher ground. There following the contours of the ground as the droplets flow together over rock and earth into streams and then torrents until they fall into the headwaters of a high land stream.

This stream now filled with water cascading down from all across the hillside swells to fill a channel that for most of the year seems far to grand for the small stream of water winding it’s way down it’s center.

The swollen stream rips at it’s banks as it rushes away from it’s hilltop spring but no sooner has momentum built than the storm passes and the clouds melt away leaving the last of the rainfall rushing to join the stream before evaporation once more takes hold.

Up here high in the hills is beyond the realm of man. A place for wild animals to thrive amongst the thick intertwined trees of the forest.

The stream pass through this place gathering size and force as it does joined by a multitude of smaller streams running off the hillside.

At times the rocks of the stream bed have proved too strong for millennia of storms to wear away and here the waters fall as if down a glistening staircase.

For a while the course of the stream levels out as it seeks a way out of the hill country and into the flat lands below.

This after winding it’s way amongst the lower reaches of the hills and seemingly loosing all energy it finds at the very edge of the hard upland rocks where the waters are at last able to fall to the flatlands below where it much search out a great river and slowly make it’s way to the sea.

The cascade of water over this waterfall is unspectacular by Paraguayan standards. Little more than fifteen metres across and with a drop of only about four metres but it is still powerful enough to echo through the surrounding woodlands to alert all to it’s presence.

Those drawn to it are not only the creatures of the woodland but also man seeking somewhere peaceful and relaxing to spend a hot summer afternoon.

The foliage overhanging the waterfall throws shade over the bubbling white waters at it’s base and on a summer afternoon there is little wildlife to be seen as people fill it’s foaming waters and picturesque surroundings.

These months though soon pass and then once more nature reclaims the falls. Birds bathe in place of men and the woodland creatures come to the waters edge to drink.

In this land of natural beauty there is as there always has been plenty for everyone and everything.