The small country town of Piribebuy is located in the hill country approximately 80 km from Asuncion. It is a peaceful picturesque area. All around are green open spaces, hills and crystal clear streams.

Unsurprisingly given all that it is a popular resort area. Many people head out from Asuncion on a summer’s weekend to enjoy it’s numerous country parks.

The town is a quiet place but contains everything anyone living in town or visiting would need. In addition to a well stocked supermarket there are bars, cafes and restaurants along with a couple of streets lined with small family owned stores.

All this makes Piribebuy a suitable candidate for somewhere to make one’s home. The Paraguayans came to realise this long ago and there have always been holiday homes belonging to residents of Asuncion and other places in and around the town.

The same factors, the ease of access to Asuncion and the prettiness of the countryside, have also drawn expats to Piribebuy. There is a small established expat community spread lightly around the area.

Enough to give new arrivals people to meet up with but too few to change the character of the town.

Many of the properties out in the countryside are rural in nature, but that is not the only way to live in and enjoy Piribebuy.

One alternative option is a small gated community that is slowly being developed on the edge of town. It currently has just three residents with a fourth house being the property that is up for sale.

The community is behind a gate and fence but those are there to define it’s borders rather than as a security requirement.

It is enclosed by a wire mesh fence not a wall and this allows for unbroken views of the surrounding countryside. The gate ensures there is no through traffic keeping down noise and allowing children to wander and explore where ever they choose.

From the paved road access is via 1 km of good unpaved road and on foot the centre of Piribebuy is just 10 minutes away.

The house that is for sale here is brand new. All is in place for an owner to move in and make it their home. It is the building shown at the top of the article.

It sits on a plot of 912 m2 of which the house occupies 180 m2. This gives ample room for a garden to be planted up and a pool to be installed.

Throughout the building the best quality of materials available have been used. From the roof to the floor tiles, from the doors to the windows. Many of those items were imported and the property is built to European standards.

For example the doors are all heavy wooden ones with solid locks and the windows contain built in sunshades to keep out the strongest of the sun’s rays. Being integral to window units they are than out of sight when not in use.

Furthermore Wi Fi is fitted and there is air conditioning in every room.

Within the house there is to be found, a lounge, a kitchen, an office, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The lounge is a large spacious area with a high ceiling and a doorway out onto the terrace. As with everywhere in the house there are ample electrical sockets located at convenient points.

Facing the lounge is an open plan kitchen. Between lounge and kitchen there is a long breakfast bar and then the kitchen itself has a long worktop giving ample space for food preparation. A further door leads from the kitchen out onto the terrace.

From the lounge a corridor runs through the centre of the house to the bedrooms.

There are three bedrooms. All are of a good size and the largest, the principal bedroom again has direct access out onto the terrace.

The bathroom is spacious and in line with the rest of the house fitted with top quality fixtures. A good size shower and double wash basins.

One further room is a little smaller. This is designed as an office space but could equally well be used as a store room.

The property is priced at US$130,000 which for the quality of the build and the location is a very fair price.

For someone wishing to enjoy the peaceful and relaxed lifestyle of the Paraguayan countryside from the comfort of good quality home this house is defiantly worth some consideration.

If you are interested in this property please do get in contact with me. I will be able to supply any further details you require and if you are in Piribebuy arrange a viewing.