Out in the Paraguayan countryside there are many properties awaiting new owners. Far more than there are buyers out there to purchase them.

The result of which is that potential buyer will have many places to choose between. If they can only track down properties that are for sale.

Some are listed on agents websites, be they national or local, but the vast majority aren’t. Those are instead simply put up for sale by their owners.

At times a sign may be put up on a fence advertising a properties availability, but more often than not there are no visual clues that somewhere is for sale.

Furthermore even if a sign is put up it may remain there slowly fading for years. It is not uncommon for someone to advertise in this way not really wanting to sell but just to test the market to see if there are any takers.

Additionally without a comprehensive system for valuing properties in place it is hard for an owner to gauge the true value of their house. Unsurprisingly this often results in properties being advertised at over valued prices. It is sensible for a home owner to start by quoting a price rather higher than he wishes to receive and then to negotiate downwards.

To seek a price that is realistic to everyone it can be of use for a buyer to look around the local area to obtain an idea of what the average prices are.

In order to do this and also to track down properties that are only advertised through word of mouth it is extremely helpful to have a local contact to help you negotiate the largely unregulated property market.

This is a service I offer in the Cordillera area. Especially around the towns of Piribebuy and Caacupe which I know best and where I have local contacts.

If this is something I could help you with the services I provide in addition to finding properties are viewing them, reporting on them, acting as a point of contact between you and the sellers and giving guidance on the legal matters relating to a property purchase.

Furthermore I would be happy to assist with any other help you required regarding properties or Paraguay in general.

As for the properties themselves many types can be found out in the Paraguayan countryside.

Here are a few of the most common ones.

Firstly there are town houses which can be found in every town or village. These are often built to the same general with most of their internal space given over to bedrooms. They normally also include a lounge or kitchen diner as well as a small garden.

These are mostly built for the local population to Paraguayan designs and styles. A small place may cost as little as $20,000 but larger properties can reach up to levels ten times that.

The larger more luxurious town houses are generally to be found on the edges of towns. They are built either by a rich Paraguayan family or by a property developer aiming for the international market.

Despite the seemingly high price of some of these properties they are far cheaper than their equivalent would be elsewhere.

Next come country houses. These tend to have larger gardens. Sometimes as much as a hectare or two and on occasion with a stretch of river. The majority are built in a style somewhere between a town house and a farm and as such generally require some modernisation.

Other country houses are in effect simply summer houses., These range from spartan up to high fashion but in almost all cases will require a bit of redesigning as however good the quality of the buildings they were built with only short term accommodation a few times of year in mind.

In this category prices range generally between $30,000 and $100,000. With of course a good number of exceptions.

Upwards from these are farm houses. The main focus of these unsurprisingly is their lands. They all are or were working farms. These lands can be many hectares in extent. Depending on the location it may be agricultural, pastoral or for timber.

A farm house may have been on the site for generations and so they are often basic in appearance. This also reflects the working nature of the properties. A rural and rustic life can be found in one of these traditional farm houses.

With the buildings themselves being generally simple and functional it is the extent of the land rather than the house itself which here dictates the price.

Land prices vary widely from area to area and even between zones within the countryside surrounding a town. Hence giving anything like a set figure is impossible. However working from a figure of $10,000 per hectare does give a rough ball park figure when trying to assess values.

There are even numerous plots of land lying unused an undeveloped upon which a country hideaway could be built.

Life in the Paraguayan countryside is a peaceful and relaxed one. Everything is green and spacious away from the crowds and pollution of the cites.

As I mentioned above my area of expertise is the countryside around the towns of Piribebuy and Caacupe. It is well known as a picturesque area, popular with sightseers. Additionally it is within easy reach Asuncion and an area that is well used to welcoming newcomers.

Elsewhere across the countryside there are variations in property prices but the styles of homes available is relatively consistent.

Even if Paraguay is not as yet on your radar as a potential place to live it may be worth giving some consideration to the quality of life it’s countryside offers.